My Cute Breastfed Baby Boy!!287

 My personal experience

At first breastfeeding was a bit over whelming for me. That didn’t stop me though i was real determined to breastfeed my son, since i hadn’t breastfed my first born child. I knew i had taken away the most beneficial vitamins from her because i was young and wasn’t aware of the benefits.

While in the hospital  after giving birth to my son,  I had really encouraging women around me supporting me how to breastfed. The first few weeks it was very painful I even had a little melt down an began to cry. it was really hard for me and, but I eventually go used to the feeling.

After the first two months it was a breeze and got the hang of it. Unfortunately I only breastfed my son for 5 months of his life which is pretty good. I wish i could have gave him more but i wasn’t producing enough and I really wasn’t up to part with my diet. But i can encourage all women to try it please its so very important. Don’t let other people discourage you from giving your child the best.


Moms who breastfeed!!

A interview that I conducted on two women who have breastfed!!

One women by the nameof  Yasin whom , I had the pleasure in asking several questions on breastfeeding. She breastfed all of her three children. The longest she breastfed her children was until 18 months. As Yasin said ” it is enjoyable and you share a special bond with child” Yasin.(2015,December,12)breastfeeding.(Janelle,interviewer). Yasin feels so strong about breastfeeding you her say she would advocate for all women who breastfed

Nancy is more of an old school mom as well breastfed all three of her boys. The youngest of all three boys,  was breastfed until he was 18 months. She was a single mother whom she said breastfeeding for her was a great experience. She feels strongly about breastfeeding an, as well as Yasin encourages all women to at least try breastfeeding the first few months of their child’s life.

Both women are from different descent and share a common theme that is breastfeeding. It’s a helpful video for those who need some words of wisdom, and can help them with being at ease on breastfeeding. Like many women say it isn’t easy but any new mom can get through it. Nancy. (2015,december,130). Breastfeeding.(Janelle,interviewer).

Benefits of breasting for mom!



In a article that i came across online it discusses the health benefits for mom and baby and why it is good for both. The articles goes on to say that breastfeeding is a wonderful experience almost as a gift that you are giving  to your child and for yourself. Many mothers have agreed that it brings this joy and fulfillment to you and your baby. The feelings that you have are caused by the release of hormones such as prolactin, which generates a more peaceful, and nurturing sensation that allows you to relax and pay more focus on your child. ” These pleasant feelings may be the reasons so many women have chosen to breastfeed their child” .Breastfeeding n.m (2015,11,21) retrieved from

In the article it states some health benefits for mom. it is believed that a mother who breastfeeds has higher chances in recovering from child birth, than a mother who doesn’t. Also there is a hormones called oxytocin that is released during breastfeeding , it plays a major role in returning the uterus back to its regular size, reducing the postpartum bleeding as well. Women who breastfed have a lower rate in getting breast cancer, ovarian cancer and much more diseases. If a mother is round the clock with breastfeeding she may see a delay in her menstrual cycle who wouldn’t love that. LoL..

A bonus to breastfeeding is that you don’t have to waste your money on stinky formula that may cost you some bucks. One thing is you must be on top of your diet eat well and take in as much calories than you usually do. Even with the healthy way of eating and more frequently it will still be more cheaper than a can of formula.

There also studies and links that babies who were breastfed have lower rates in diseases and even sudden infant death. Babies who weren’t had higher chances in other diseases.

Secondary Source Book on breastfeeding

Here’s a book i came across written by two professionals named Dr Jack Newman and Teresa Pitman. A credited Doctor who advocates for women who breastfeed.

DR. Jack Newman’s is a Toronto pediatrician who has practiced medicine since 1970. In 1984 he established the first hospital-based breastfeeding clinic in Canada

Teresa is the author or coauthor of 12 other books on parenting topics, including most recently, the eighth edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. She is the mother of four breastfed children, and the grandmother of six breastfed children.

“Breastfeeding is important.It is worth the effort to overcome difficulties so that it can succeed.Because it’s important, we need to change our medical system and our society so that breastfeeding becomes easier and the norm new” .. Author, J. N., & Author, T. P. (May 1 2014). Guide to breastfeeding (intro12). Retrieved from

This book is very resourceful for mothers healthcare workers, mid-wife’s, anybody who is interested in breastfeeding. It may come across a bit overbearing, but overall has good reviews on how amazing the book is.

A reviewer has even called it the bible of breastfeeding.

The book can be purchased for a good price on amazon there you can read up on it,and read other peoples reviews on the whole book in general.