My Cute Breastfed Baby Boy!!287

 My personal experience

At first breastfeeding was a bit over whelming for me. That didn’t stop me though i was real determined to breastfeed my son, since i hadn’t breastfed my first born child. I knew i had taken away the most beneficial vitamins from her because i was young and wasn’t aware of the benefits.

While in the hospital  after giving birth to my son,  I had really encouraging women around me supporting me how to breastfed. The first few weeks it was very painful I even had a little melt down an began to cry. it was really hard for me and, but I eventually go used to the feeling.

After the first two months it was a breeze and got the hang of it. Unfortunately I only breastfed my son for 5 months of his life which is pretty good. I wish i could have gave him more but i wasn’t producing enough and I really wasn’t up to part with my diet. But i can encourage all women to try it please its so very important. Don’t let other people discourage you from giving your child the best.