Benefits of breasting for mom!



In a article that i came across online it discusses the health benefits for mom and baby and why it is good for both. The articles goes on to say that breastfeeding is a wonderful experience almost as a gift that you are giving  to your child and for yourself. Many mothers have agreed that it brings this joy and fulfillment to you and your baby. The feelings that you have are caused by the release of hormones such as prolactin, which generates a more peaceful, and nurturing sensation that allows you to relax and pay more focus on your child. ” These pleasant feelings may be the reasons so many women have chosen to breastfeed their child” .Breastfeeding n.m (2015,11,21) retrieved from

In the article it states some health benefits for mom. it is believed that a mother who breastfeeds has higher chances in recovering from child birth, than a mother who doesn’t. Also there is a hormones called oxytocin that is released during breastfeeding , it plays a major role in returning the uterus back to its regular size, reducing the postpartum bleeding as well. Women who breastfed have a lower rate in getting breast cancer, ovarian cancer and much more diseases. If a mother is round the clock with breastfeeding she may see a delay in her menstrual cycle who wouldn’t love that. LoL..

A bonus to breastfeeding is that you don’t have to waste your money on stinky formula that may cost you some bucks. One thing is you must be on top of your diet eat well and take in as much calories than you usually do. Even with the healthy way of eating and more frequently it will still be more cheaper than a can of formula.

There also studies and links that babies who were breastfed have lower rates in diseases and even sudden infant death. Babies who weren’t had higher chances in other diseases.


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