Moms who breastfeed!!

A interview that I conducted on two women who have breastfed!!

One women by the nameof  Yasin whom , I had the pleasure in asking several questions on breastfeeding. She breastfed all of her three children. The longest she breastfed her children was until 18 months. As Yasin said ” it is enjoyable and you share a special bond with child” Yasin.(2015,December,12)breastfeeding.(Janelle,interviewer). Yasin feels so strong about breastfeeding you her say she would advocate for all women who breastfed

Nancy is more of an old school mom as well breastfed all three of her boys. The youngest of all three boys,  was breastfed until he was 18 months. She was a single mother whom she said breastfeeding for her was a great experience. She feels strongly about breastfeeding an, as well as Yasin encourages all women to at least try breastfeeding the first few months of their child’s life.

Both women are from different descent and share a common theme that is breastfeeding. It’s a helpful video for those who need some words of wisdom, and can help them with being at ease on breastfeeding. Like many women say it isn’t easy but any new mom can get through it. Nancy. (2015,december,130). Breastfeeding.(Janelle,interviewer).


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